Podcasting is rapidly rising in popularity, and with good reason

A podcast is simply the best way to connect with your current fans, clients, and prospects. And now, Chisik Studio now offers podcast production to help you launch and manage a successful podcast, with minimum effort and hassle.

We take all of the busy work out of your hands, which allows you, the show host, to focus on the most important thing for your show… creating the most engaging show out there!

Let’s Get Started

We save you time and headaches during the podcasting process. Simply record and send the raw audio files to us and we’ll take it from there. We manage the entire editing process and offer complete production services. This includes all account setups and podcast artwork design.

Starting from an idea, all the way to distribution and everything in between we work with you to ensure each episode sounds amazing and is ready to share with your audience on iTunes, GooglePlay, SoundCloud, or any platform of your choice.

Our Process

Our editing process includes removing background noise, long breaks of silence, slip-ups, those “ums and you knows,” all those crutch phrases, stammering, heavy breaths, smacking, and much more.

We’ll insert any provided audio branding clips such as your show intro and outro, ads and musical jingles, etc into your podcast.

We’ll convert the file into a high quality MP3 and add the album art, title, description, copyright, and tag each episode with the ID3 metadata.

Finally, we’ll upload it to your hosting preference (ex: Libsyn) and schedule it for you or we can deliver the finished audio file to you. We’ll even schedule and publish your episodes and show notes to your website for you.